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Joyce Marx

W. Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor, 1602

Describes best how I feel and think about life. From early on, I longed for adventures. Befriending the Unknown allows me to acquire the richness that the world has to offer.

Fortunate I was, to have lived in different countries and jet setting the world as a Singapore Airlines’ stewardess experiencing diverse cultures and philosophies of life. The world of art, with its ability to reflect those impressions, is what attracted me ever since. From the dance floor to the canvas into the kitchen. Endless are the possibilities to express one’s thoughts and feelings. Especially the world of baking and sugar art I became rather fond of. Even so all started, as it seems today, by pure coincident. As a first time mom, I was eager to have a theme cake for my daughter’s birthday. With all hands full, I, however, missed the shops’ closing hours. Determined not letting such get into my way, I decided to bake one myself. The outcome was, to say the least, nothing to shout about! Not letting the taste of defeat stick to my tongue, I decided to dust my baking utensils. A few Wilton courses in cake baking, decoration and the PME Master Certification followed suit. My Graduation as Chef Patisserie from Le Cordon Bleu, the world renown Institute of Culinary Arts, rounded it all off. What started out as a little hobby to thrill my family and friends, through word of mouth, took a turn to greater demand from all corners. With the imagination of my loving Swiss husband and my three energetic kids, Joyliciouscakes was born! What was the greatest thing about it?


I was back to travel the world to upgrade my skills by learning from some of the world’s renown baking and sugar arts artists like Debbie Brown, Kelvin Chua and Pasticci di Molly to name only a few. Learning from the best and mixing it with my style is what I meant having said that art allows for ‘endless possibilities to express one’s thoughts and feelings’. I love making beautiful things. Being a little perfectionist, I require being told a little story before I would agree to take on a request. It forms the starting point for my imaginations to flow. The result shall be beyond the wildest dreams. Creating masterpieces with my own hands, inspired by your story, accompanied by soft background music in my very own ‘sugar art sanctuary’ is what I am most proud of. Imagining my creations as part of your joyous occasions fulfills me with pleasure and gratefulness. I can’t wait to be part of your next celebrations…

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